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Meet Our Banner Animal - Pt 2

This October we've been doing a LOT of new photos, and we've been having a BALL.  We wanted to give you guys a fresh new look for a fresh new season.  Let's meet our new cover folks!

This week:

we have the one and only Silo, of oVertone's instagram fame.  Learn a little about Silo below!

Silo, we hear you love to sniff things.  Tell us about that.

I like to sniff everything.  Especially when the trash can lid smells like bacon.  That's the best sniffing.  My friends like to call me "Inspector Dog."

How many times is the best number of times to spin before sitting?

14 is the sweet spot.  I love beds that are entirely too small for me.

What's the must-have fashion accessory this season for doggles?

Muddy paws are always in season, but for fall, I like to change it up with a very wet nose on occasion.  But really, dirty paws are where it's at.

Anything you'd like to say to our readers?