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From Orange to Blue - How Did She Do?


So last Saturday we spent about four and a half hours at Escape Salon under the watchful eye and skillfull hand of stylist Tonia Sudbery.  

The journey?  Taking Maegan from Orange to Blue, and Liora from Red to Orange.

Taking Liora from Red to Orange was easy - since the colors are analogous, there wasn't any competition between the two of them, and the red lifted out of her hair easily, allowing lots of space for the orange.  She's now using Extreme Orange to keep everything nice and bright!

Liora's awesome new Extreme Orange!

^Extreme Orange - bright, bold, and supah cool.

Taking Maegan from Orange to Blue though - that would be a challenge.  So how did Tonia get Maegan from this:

to this:

Well, lucky for you, we have the whole thing on video!  

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1. Use Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor to remove as much orange as possible

2. Apply bleach to lighten and continue to remove as much orange as possible

3. After rinsing out the bleach, use oVertone Vibrant Blue Go Deep to try and balance out any remaining orange, and provide a cooler base for blue dye

4. Apply Joico Hair Dye in Cobalt Blue, and allow to process

5. Rinse out, finishing up with oVertone Vibrant Blue Go Deep

Tah Dah!


You might notice that Maegan's hair has a slightly green/teal ombre effect happening (which we both LOVE) - that is easily explained by color mixing!  Because we were unable to get her hair to a completely neutral tone before applying the blue, the blue combined with the yellow/orange tones that remained in her hair.  We talk a lot about color mixing in this blog article, which we recommend to everyone who isn't familiar with hair dye practices.  Aren't colors rad??


What's the most drastic transition you've ever attempted with your hair?  Have you ever had any exciting and surprising results?