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3 Ways to Customize Your Results with oVertone

Let's talk customization.

oVertone, at it's core, is about getting to express yourself fully all the time.  This is why we've created a wide range of colors in different intensities.  However, never ones to put others in boxes, Maegan and I want to reveal some



Customization method #1: The Combine-A-Thon

Less like a tantric love session than it sounds, The Combine-A-Thon method employs a creative touch - namely, mixing colors together to make awesome personalized variations.  Each of our colors is fully bendable with every other color in our line (watch out though: color wheel rules apply - mix Blue and Orange and you'll get murky!) to allow you the opportunity to make your color as unique as yourself.

Are you more purple-pink than true purple like Yueh? Mix it up!  Grab a purple and pink and do your worst.  Looking for a coppery tone?  Grab a red and orange and get busy.  


Customization method #2: Get Hot

Want bolder color?  This method isn't as damage free as the others, but it can certainly give you some awesome results.  When using Go Deep, take a break from the shower and step toward the shower cap and blow dry method.  Put your hair in the shower cap, and then blast it with some warm air from your hair dryer!  The air will help your hair cuticle open up to accept more pigment, and the shower cap will keep the heat close to your hair where it'll do the most good.  Be careful not to over heat (you wouldn't want to melt the shower cap or burn yourself).  After about 5 minutes, stop blow drying but keep the cap on for 10 extra minutes before rinsing out.  


Customization method #3: Count the Seconds

Need a shade that's lighter than our Pastel?  No problem!  Focus your efforts on the Daily Conditioners.  After selecting the right color (or colors), follow directions up to the timing.  Now, Daily Conditioner directions state to leave in for 3-5 minutes.  If you need lighter results, shorten that time!  Try 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 2 minutes until you've achieved your perfect shade. 


There you have it!  Three new ways to make oVertone a perfect fit.


Got any other ideas?  What are your favorite color combos and techniques?  Share 'em in the comments, we want to know!