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Caught You RedOrangePinkPurpleBlueTeal Handed!

There comes a time in every fantasy-colored life where this happens:

Yes. Frightening.  WE KNOW.

We have all been RED/ORANGE/PINK/PURPLE/BLUE/TEAL handed at some point.  It's almost a way of life.  And it may have happened to you using oVertone.


We absolutely hate to think of you succumbing to one of the classic blunders (that isn't starting a land war in Asia, or challenging a Sicilian when death is on the line), and would love to tell you our favorite ways to avoid tell-tale finger stains.



Our Extreme formulas are definitely a culprit in the staining battle, especially in our Go Deep formula.  As a pre-caution against colorful fingers (unless that's your game, in which case, awesome) we recommend following the advice below when using any of our extreme or vibrant (to be safe!) formulas.


When applying the conditioner to your hair in the shower, use a pair of gloves.  Personally, I like a pair like these.  I keep them in the shower in a small, open tupperware, and put them on just before I apply conditioner, and take them off after I'm done applying.  When I'm ready to rinse out, I stick my head under the shower to dilute with a little bit of water before rinsing out bare-handed.  By this time, the semi-permanent pigment has deposited in your hair, making it easier to touch with bare hands without fear of colorful fingers.

Palms/finger tips are so easily stained  due to the thickness/type of skin found there (ask any Henna tattoo artist!), but dyed fingers are easy to avoid!


Got another method?  Let us know in the comments!