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Four Heads Enter. One Conditioner Rules.

This Labor Day I had the fortune of spending it with my family in the Adirondacks - upstate NY!  I happened to bring my travel size Vibrant Red daily conditioner with me...and well, it got passed around the shower circuit for trying out.  The results were awesome, and it was so much fun to see so many different types of hair all try the same thing.  Keep reading to find out how the Vibrant Red Daily Conditioner applied to four different hair colors and types!


Case Study 1: Hannah

Ah, Hannah.  Cousin extraordinaire - personal trainer in training, lifeguard, swimmer, and wavy hair yellow blond ombre-haver.  With a quick application of Vibrant Red Daily Conditioner she went from having a yellow blond ombre to having a gorgeous apricot tinted tips.


Case Study 2: Eve

Hannah's mother, Eve, has a great mix of dark dark cool brown and bright bright white curly/wavy hair.  We used the same conditioner on a small piece at the top of her head.  After the 3 minute sit time, she had a light cherry color that deepened the brown, and a nice rosy tint to the white!


Case Study 3: Dane

My sister, Dane (instructor extraordinaire at Julia Poppins School of Cooking) has some of the curliest hair I've ever seen in a light brown/blondish never-been-dyed color.  We used oVertone on a lighter strand near her face and it turned the most delightful natural looking auburn.  Since she likes to stick to organic products, she was pleasantly surprised to hear that all of our conditioners are 70% organic.


Case Study 4: Micki

Micki - my mother.  Short, curly, slightly gray but mostly medium brown extraordinarily healthy hair.  We tested the conditioner on a particularly lively curl near the front of her face.  Because her hair is so dark, cool toned, and healthy the color really enriched and deepened her natural color, heading off in a purpley direction.  We determined that next time she would have to try the Go Deep!



Unfortunately, no men present could be convinced to give it an equal shot, though we maintain that colorful facial hair is DEFINITELY the way to go.


How was your labor day?  Tell us in the comments below!