Five Fall Hair Colors for 2014

Ah...the change of seasons.  Sun goes down a little earlier, students go back to class, the soft warm summer breeze turns toward a cool brisk wind, and shorts are traded in for leggings and other warmer things.


Or, I mean, if you don't live in the Southwest I suppose that's more what happens.


Even so, many people like to participate in seasonal changes in their own right - the coming of September means dark, fun makeup, longer sleeves, and more boots!  Even hair colors tend to transition - and we want to show you our favorite bold fall looks.


1. Bright Red-Orange Ombre


Enter fall with an announcement: You are on FIRE with awesome.  Pairs well with vegan leather jackets, chiffon tops, and anything that makes you feel like a badass.  Keep up the color by mixing Extreme Red and Extreme Orange.

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2. Awesome statement Teal


A cool color such as teal reminds us of the chill in our bones - paired with an excellent black lip and dark sunnies, teal is a unique choice for fall, providing direct contrast against orange, red, and yellow leaves.  Our complete Extreme Teal set will keep you turning heads with no effort!


(Photo: Juno Hollow)


3. A pastel purple contrast


Like platinum, a pastel color can provide a really beautiful contrast that's romantic and ethereal against a darker fall wardrobe.  Pastel Purple can help you keep it all season long!

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4. Deep blue locks


Keeping a more somber note, a deep blue is a welcome change from summer's levity.  Extreme or Vibrant blue layered on top of light brown hair will give you this stunning shade.

(Photo cred unknown)


5.  A sweet mulled wine

The taste of mulled wine always pulls my mind to fall and winter - gorgeous spices simmering into a mug of warm table wine.  Delicious in color and taste, this gorgeous red-purple wine color is a fantastic and classic fall transition color, ready to pull your mind to cooler days.  Want to get this look?  Keep an eye on us...we've got something up our sleeve!

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What look are you going to be rocking this fall?  Let us know in the comments down below.