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Why Is oVertone Better Than Dye + Conditioner?


For many people in the fantasy hair color world, before oVertone we were keeping our hair from fading with one of two things:

1. Constant dye touchups

2. A cocktail of dye + conditioner


When people first learn about oVertone and decide to make the switch, the most commonly asked question I get is "Why are the oVertone conditioners better than my mix of dye + white conditioner?"


Great question! 


Since I'm answering it all the time, we're adding a blog post to tell everyone the colorful details on why oVertone beats out all of the DIY alternatives out there.


For Vibrant and Extreme users, it's brighter

If you use the Vibrant or Extreme conditioners, you're packing a colorful punch! Our conditioners contain between 3x and 15x the pigment that you would be adding with a mix of semi-permanent dye and regular conditioner.


For Pastel users, it's just right every time

No more guessing with amounts and mixing just the right amount of dye in to your conditioner to make sure your purple stays more lavender than eggplant. The oVertone conditioners are foolproof every single time. Just throw it on, rinse it out, and watch your hair stay gorgeous.


The color is always even and perfect

There are two main problems with a mix of dye and conditioner. Since they aren't formulated specifically to mix together, they don't always soak in to your hair evenly when you apply them. Anyone who has tried this at home will tell you that if you don't mix things JUST right (and sometimes even if you do), you end up with a splotchy result.

This has to do with the way conditioner closes up the cuticle of your hair, leaving you with a chance that some sections of hair will take the color much better than others. The oVertone conditioners, by comparison, are specifically designed to give you an allover even and consistent application of color every time.


Zero damage, magical healing

Mixing dye and conditioner can add color to your strands, but the heavy alcohols used in semi-permanent dyes really negate the hydrating and healing effects of the conditioner you're mixing in. This means that your hair will stay dry, fragile, and damaged. The oVertone conditioners contain no alcohols or heavy chemicals, so your hair can soak up the color AND the hydration. We want our hair to stay bright, but we also want it to be healthy.


Wash your hair as often as you want

Since you're adding a top-notch dose of color and super-dense healing ingredients, there's no reason to skimp on washing. Used to stretching those shampoo rinses as long as possible? Not any more. Suds it up!


More styling options - with or without heat

Because you're hydrating and healing up your strands on a regular basis, using the oVertone conditioners means that you can use heat tools and styling methods that you have to avoid otherwise. When your hair is dry and damaged from constantly applying the harsh chemicals of a dye mix, you have to be extra careful with how you style it. Not with oVertone! Heat up that iron and go to town.


Get back in hot water

Seriously, you can use hot water to rinse your hair now. No need use cold water to close up the cuticle of your hair and lock in the color. In fact, the oVertone conditioners are actually formulated to work BETTER with hot water. Go ahead - get steamy.


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