I mustache....

There comes a time when you may come across the following question: 

Maya certainly knows the answer....


There's so much advice out there for how to keep color fresh, and we thought we'd talk about a couple of commonly seen suggestions and how oVertone changes the game!


Suggestion 1:  Never use hot water on your hair

Reason: Hot water opens up your hair cuticle which releases dye!  Using cold water will minimize the effect.

Why it sucks: Who wants to take cold showers "because their hair?"

How oVertone changes the game: Because oVertone puts dye back into your hair every time you use it, you don't need to worry about any color that falls out in the shower!  In fact, using a warm temperature when you use oVertone will allow it to enter your cuticle more easily allowing for a better result!


Suggestion 2: Wash your hair as infrequently as possible

Reason: The less your hair gets wet, the less water can take color away from your hair

Why it sucks: We don't know about you, but we like being able to wash our hair when we need to...even if that means more than once a week.

How oVertone changes the game: Shampoo take dye out?  No problem!  oVertone puts it back in every time.  You shampoo that hair.  You rebel.


Suggestion 3: Wear hats when you go outside

Reason: Sunlight is a natural hair lightener and will dull your color

Why it sucks: You have to hide your hair when you go outside?  We want to be bold, not hidden!

How oVertone changes the game: Since you can refresh your hair damage free whenever you feel like it, one afternoon in the sun won't matter at all!


Suggestion 4: Mix your hair dye with your conditioner to refresh it in the shower

Reason: A DIY way to refresh your color whenever you shower

Why it sucks: Hair dye contains damaging and stripping ingredients - it's how it works to put color in your hair!  When you mix hair dye with conditioner, you negate the positive effects of your conditioner.  And when you have awesome hair, you definitely need a conditioner to match it and help it heal.

How oVertone changes the game: oVertone contains NO damaging ingredients;  It keeps your color fresh for as long as you need it to while treating your strands to an amazing healing experience.

What are other suggestions you've tried?  What works and what doesn't?