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Color Wheel Antics for the Hair Color Obsessed: Split Complementary Colors

We are now up to Part 4 of our color wheel antics series - I hope you guys have been getting creative with accessorizing and dye styles!

This week is another unusual one - Split Complementary.  What is split complementary, exactly?

Looks kinda similar to last weeks Triad Colors, doesn't it?  It's pretty similar in theory, but produces a different effect overall!  If you remember from last week, the concept behind triad colors is to use colors spaced evenly around the color wheel, using two colors to support one main color.  Split Complimentary on the other hand, looks at a set of complementary colors, and then selects the colors on either side of one half of the complimentary pair.  This helps to choose the accent colors automatically, making split complimentary a great way for beginners to enter into unusual color pairings.


For example, look above.  The complimentary pairing is green and red.  By choosing magenta and orange, we've isolated green as the main color with magenta and orange supporting colors.  If we were to reverse it and select red as the main color, our supporting colors would be found on either side of the green - a blue green cerulean tone, and a yellow green.


Personally, I think the benefits of using a split complementary scheme over the simple complementary scheme is that it gives you more room to play and doesn't lock you in!  You have multiple shades and tones to play with.  


For example, if we were to use the scheme as diagrammed above, here's some combinations you could do!


Great split complimentary color accessories for people with green hair:

Magenta Pumps and Red-Orange Bag

Red-Orange Necklace and Magenta Nail Polish

Magenta Lipstick and Red-Orange Watch

Orange and Magenta Heels


Next week: Square!