Before & After: Electric Eggplant (And Some Fraggle Rocking)


C'mon, people. It's time to get your purple on.



Technically, we could call this post "Can I Dye My Hair With oVertone: Part III, Slow Boat Edition." Cynthia used our Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner and Extreme Purple Go Deep to go from freshly bleached blonde to electric eggplant.


Step One: Start with light- to medium-blonde hair.


Step Two: Use Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner two to four times over the course of a week, every time you wash your hair.



Step Three: Liberally apply Extreme Purple Go Deep at the end of the week. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse out as normal.



Step Four: Fraggle rock with your bad self.


Purple not your shade? Use any of the oVertone Extreme Conditioners to go from blonde to bright. Don't forget to take before and after shots and send them to us @oVertoneColor!