Photoshooting, Traveling, and General Ridiculousness

We're taking a break from our color wheel series to talk about some exciting developments as we ramp up for our official launch on June 21!

Maegan came out to our Tucson offices for a couple of days so that we could meet with our accountant (yay!) and get some awesome photo and video work done.

Friday we took care of lots of downtown-legal type things, complete with company organization and accounting meetings.  What this meant though is that we were also able to hang out and have lunch time business meetings at Penca, which is pretty much The Best Ever.

On Saturday we started off with an interview with 3 Story Magazine before meeting up with two amazing humans to film a quick intro video.  

Steve and Lyric from Impulse Nine Media really came to save the day.  We've been talking about wanting to have a little intro video up about who we are and what oVertone is.  Sometimes videos are more fun then reading, and we wanted to provide the option.  Even though we wrote the initial script and concept, Steve and Lyric worked really hard to make sure we covered all our bases and were very patient with us as we tried to remember our lines.  We surprised ourselves by how well we were actually able to get through it (though it was a huge relief when that part was over).  When all was said and done both of us took an afternoon nap.  It is much harder being on the lens side of a camera (or two, as it was in our case).

Sunday we had a freaking AMAZING photoshoot with some of our beautiful model volunteers.  Everyone showed up with a fabulous sense of purpose and focus, and we were able to keep to our schedule and get everyone photographed.  We were so excited to see how everyone's hair turned out after using the daily conditioner for a week, and then how it got even better after using Go Deep mid shoot.  There may have even been a little fraggle rocking...but for that you'll need to check facebook.

Can we talk about how AWESOME Rambo Reza looks with our Vibrant Blue and Teal?

Immediately following the shoot we threw things in a bag and headed off back to LA to work on bottling, packaging, and to finish up all the final details pre-launch.  It's a long drive though, and we went from happy and tired at the start to almost completely ludicrous at 12:30AM in an In & Out.  We made it all the way safely though, and have been hard at work since (with brief pauses for feminism).


"where are we?" "I don't know. I don't know"


That's what we're up to!  What about you guys?