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Can I Dye My Hair With oVertone? [Part 2: Pink Edition]


Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is coming and it's time to socialize. How's your hair looking?



We had a shoot with the lovely (and bad ass) Katy Awful this week where she used our Extreme Pink line for some incredible results. We know many of you have asked whether or not you can dye your hair with the oVertone conditioners. Here's a real life example of how Katy went from light blonde to surface-of-the-sun hot pink.


First: Add one model, one photographer, and one bottle of conditioner in to a well chilled glass. Stir well and garnish with an orange twist.




Next: Take as many ridiculous photos as possible. Remove Extreme Pink Go Deep conditioner from its bottle and apply liberally. Watch those hairlines. This stuff is no joke. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse it out in the shower with some hot water and get to styling.


Ka-POW! You now have electric pink hair. Give yourself a round of applause. That was easy, wasn't it?



 Now keep that color looking gorgeous with oVertone Extreme Pink Daily Conditioner whenever you shampoo, and Extreme Pink Go Deep once a week.







Q: How long do I have to leave the conditioner on?

A: We recommend 3-5 minutes for the Daily Conditioners and 10-15 minutes for the Go Deep conditioners. Our conditioners are formulated to deposit color QUICKLY, so there's really no need to let it sit for longer than that.


Q: Did you re-color Katy's hair before using the oVertone conditioners?

A: Nope! These photos were taken immediately before applying oVertone Extreme Pink Go Deep and directly afterward. This is what one application of Extreme Pink Go Deep looks like on blonde or faded hair.


Q: Can I seriously rinse my hair with hot water now?

A: Yes, you can. Welcome to the end of cold shower water.


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