How to Section Your Hair

Last weekend, I tried to apply oVertone to my faded, pink hair. I had just parted it down the middle, and started to goop on my Pastel Pink Go Deep, when suddenly I heard a whisper…


It was the mermaids of sectionings-past.

They were telling me that my hair would be uneven if I just slapped it on. Especially while leaning over my glossy white, newly scrubbed sink.

WELL, they were right. I ended up with patchy locks and some suspiciously dick-looking stains on my countertop.

So this week, I decided to get down to the nitty gritty about sectioning!

Tricia, our beautiful beacon of limeade wisdom here at oVertone Headquarters, offered her luscious locks up for some sectioning-goodness.

First, grab your tools! We used: A brush, comb with a pick at the end, and alligator clips.

Then, brush your hair so that it’s tangle free.

After we combed out Tricia’s strands, we parted her hair vertically down the middle, and then from left to right, just above her ear. For the fine-haired mermaids, this is probably all the sectioning you’ll need to do!

Once each section was parted, we twirled her hair up and clipped it to her head – out of the way of the rest of her hair, and secured to her scalp.

Since Tricia’s hair is hella-thick, four sections was just not going to work for her. So we split each side into thirds! 


Remember, Mermaids:

Sectioning is all about separating your strands into workable portions of hair. Don’t be afraid to just take tiny chunks of your mermaid locks and work slowly! 

Also, you get extra points for balancing things on your head without spilling them. Clearly, Tricia is a PRO.


Tell us about your professional sectioning (or mermaid-oriented paranormal activity) in the comments below, and tag us on social media so we can see your oVertone application creations!