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Lisannette, The Chroma Caticorn Part 5 (Red)

There was a reason I was a redhead for so long.  I forgot this when I ditched my muggle-haired life, and went hard in the paint with my mermaid-y teal hair.

Before I started fading my purple hair, I was pulled into an experimental project by our lovely Marketing Mermaids.  The experiment involved DIY fading treatments –which was right up my alley since I was just about to start fading my hair.

The experimental DIY clarifying mix involved:

  • 1 TBS sea salt

  • 3 TBS baking soda

  • 1 TBS water  

Followed up with a mixture of:

  • 1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

  • 1/2 Cup water

  • 2-3 drops Tea Tree


Here’s my hair when we started:


Here’s my hair after 2 weeks, and 6 treatments later:


As you can see there is quite a difference!  I liked the smell of the vinegar mix, and it was nice to know what exactly I’m putting on my hair, but overall it was just too much work for what it accomplished.  It also seemed to leave my hair a lot drier than my normal routine would.  It was nothing a deep conditioning mask couldn’t fix, but I would definitely stick to my normal clarifying shampoos for any future fade attempts.


Mainly because all I have to do is pop the top!  LAZY CATICORNS FTW!


Once my hair was ready, I just slathered on the Vibrant Red Go Deep goodness and danced around for 15 mins.


Check out my Ruby Red strands:


I definitely forgot how much red suits me, and all my friends would have me believe I can rock any color.  While that may be true, something about Red makes me just a little bit wilder, and a hell of a lot bolder.  I still love purple, but I think red is my power color!


Do you have a color that speaks to you on another level?  Leave a comment, or share with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @overtonecolor!

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