How to Ombre with oVertone

This week, we did some bright orange ombre on a baller mermaid named Katy.

Initially, yeah, we were a little intimidated. Katy has a LOT of hair. But with some love and encouragement from our resident Caticorn, we got the job done – and DAMN. It looked fierce as hell.

First, grab your tools! We used: A bowl to hold the Extreme Orange Go Deep conditioner, a color application brush, a normal hairbrush, gloves, and Alligator Clips.

After you’re finished hoarding your weapons of choice, go ahead and get started!


Here’s how we accomplished an awesome ombre for Katy:

1. Section

First, we sectioned off her dry hair into workable portions. Gotta get all those strands saturated, ya’ll!


2. Blend

We started at the ends of each section, and made our way about two inches lower than where we wanted the ombre to stop, so we could blend it in. Grabbing a little bit of product on our fingers, we pushed it upwards on the strands, towards the roots, creating a blended gradient of color.


**It’s super important to pay attention to where you place your conditioner, especially as you get closer to the root. Make sure you leave space to blend!**


3. Clip

Once each section is coated in oVertone, make sure you have an even amount of blending on each portion of hair, and twirl it up with a clip so it stays out of the way of the hair you don't want to color. For Katy, we clipped it low on her head, so that the orange pigment didn't transfer to her roots. 


4. Meditate

Let it sit in there for about 15 minutes (Standard Go-Deeping Time), and then rinse it out!

Dry it, style it, and take a thousand selfies. Ombre’d for the Gods!


One take-away for those at-home mermaids looking to ombre their hair:

It's all about that BLEND.

So go forth and ombre, my mermaid friends!

Blend until your gloves rip and your hands turn orange. 

 And don't hit yourself in the head with your blow dryer.