3 Ways to Customize Your Color

3 Ways to Customize Your Color

When I first took the fantasy-hair plunge a couple months ago, I learned two things:

1. What they say is true: life really is too short to have boring hair.

2. When you work with a group of ladies whose heads are an ever-changing rainbow of colors (including one who’s sprinting around the entire color wheel), keeping your hair the same colors for even a short time can start to feel boring… even if those colors are bright purple and pink!

    I got my hands on the Plumberry Custom Color Kit at the beginning of March, and by the end of the month I was already itching to change it up. Not much – maybe a subtle change to start out with, but I definitely wanted a change.

    Solution? A little less Plum, a little more Berry.

    So I stuck with Extreme Pink and dropped the Vibrant Purple from my conditioning routine for a week. 

    And then for another week.

    And one more.

    The difference it made was H U G E .

    pure Plumberry: equal amounts Vibrant Purple and Extreme Pink

    one month, three applications of Extreme Pink, and one application of Vibrant Purple later

    Here are a few techniques to change up your color combo:


    1. Who’s on first?

    For a darker result, apply your lighter color first, rinse, and layer the darker color over it. For lighter results, go dark to light.


    Vibrant Purple over Extreme Pink
    Extreme Pink over Vibrant Purple

    2. Color by numbers!

    If you want a look leaning more toward one shade in your Custom Kit, use that color a little more often. For a bold, warm-toned purple, use Vibrant Purple twice or even three times for every time you use Extreme Pink. Want to copycat my fuchsia curls instead? Two or three applications of Extreme Pink to one of Vibrant Purple will give you what you need!


    one application of Vibrant Purple over three applications of Extreme Pink
    one application of Vibrant Purple over two applications of Extreme Pink
    one application of Extreme Pink over two applications of Vibrant Purple
    one application of Extreme Pink over three applications of Vibrant Purple

    3. Mix it up!

    Using one color per application can be a slow, time-consuming way to achieve a new color, especially if your mermaid hair doesn’t require washing every day. If you want the perfect color right this minute, you can mix your conditioners and apply them all at once instead of alternating! The same rules apply – measure out a 2:1 or 3:1 (or more:1 – you do you!), with the bigger amount being the color you want to see most.

    3 parts Vibrant Purple : 1 part Extreme Pink
    equal parts Vibrant Purple and Extreme Pink
    3 parts Extreme Pink : 1 part Vibrant Purple

    Two colors, endless possibilities!



    How do you rock your custom color? Tell us all about it in the comments! And don’t forget to tag your fantasy hair on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with #overtone and #overtonecolor for a chance to be featured on our pages!