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I. LOVE. PURPLE. I love purple. I love purple as much as Oprah loves BREAD.


After all the trials of trying to achieve silver, purple was so much easier to get.  All I had to do was slightly fade my silver strands, and then apply the Vibrant Purple conditioners twice for maximum pigment deposit.  At first, I wanted to try Extreme Purple, but I also knew that once you decide to go Extreme it can be quite the process to fade for the next color (HELLO STAYING-POWER!).

I was only silver for about two weeks before I started fading, and I did my regular routine of using two different kinds of clarifying shampoos each time I washed my hair.  I also bumped up the number of times I washed my hair, from one time to three times a week, making sure to use super hydrating oil masks in between.

Once my hair was light enough, I completely saturated it in Vibrant Purple Go Deep Weekly Treatment, crossing my fingers because my hair wasn't as light as I wanted it before I got impatient and just said screw it. 

I left the Weekly Treatment on my head for about 20 mins, and then rinsed.  The results I got were STUNNING! 



The next week, I did another go-around with the Vibrant Purple Go Deep hoping for a brighter color payoff since my hair took to the purple really well with the first application.  It turns out that the second application is exactly what I need to punch up the color!

Of all the colors so far, I’d have to say that purple feels most true to my personality, and really love the shade I got--it's a little darker than what our Vibrant Purple looks like on platinum hair.

The next color in the line up is red, and it’s the color I’m not as excited about because I was a red head for a good chunk of my life already…I think I’ll hang on to my purple for a while, but I guess we’ll see.

Are you transitioning colors for the summer time?  Tag us @overtonecolor on Instagram with your before and after shots!

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