Trendy Tresses: Denim

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Like your favorite pair of lived in jeans, denim hair is cozy, works well with any color you wear and fits you perfectly. We love how versatile this hair color is and this trend is sure to stay!
Bella (left) in Pastel Blue Go Deep and Michelle (right) in Vibrant Silver Daily over Vibrant Blue Go Deep
Bella (left) in Pastel Blue Go Deep and Michelle (right) in Vibrant Silver Daily over Vibrant Blue Go Deep.
You can custom tailor your color from light pastel shades to dark washes, so don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want when you go to your stylist. To keep your denim hair from fading in the wash, use oVertone Color Depositing Conditioners.
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Blues and silver will be the go-to colors for this look but don’t be afraid to add another hue to make it your own. If you want to do something super fun, add a little teal or purple to make your own unique look!
You can totally use oVertone to change up your shade if you are feeling the need for some alterations in your color. Multiple shades and colors will add depth to your look, but make sure you are ready for the extra effort necessary to maintain more than one color. Check out our blog post on Multi-Colored Hair for some tips.
For a faded wash color, stick to switching between Pastel Blue Go Deep and Vibrant Silver Daily, and for a bolder denim color apply oVertone Vibrant Blue Go Deep and alternate or mix with Vibrant Silver Daily. You can achieve a much more subtle look by using silver as your base and applying a small amount of a pastel or vibrant shade over top of the hair sections that you choose. There are a number of oVertone products to choose from for creating your custom denim color!
There's really no right or wrong way to create the denim style, which is what makes this trend so special! But of course, don't hesitate to contact our Client Services Unicorns with an image of your desired look for advice on picking the right products for you. Now go out and get that dream hair you've been craving - we'll help make your fantasy color come true!