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oVertone 101: Coloring hair with the Go Deep Weekly Treatment

Check out the lovely Bella as she goes from blonde to Emerald in just two applications of oVertone’s Go Deep Weekly Treatment conditioner.



Wanna get bold, and stay that way?!  Follow these instructions.


Step one: Grab your Go Deep tubs in any color you want!

Bella is using our Emerald Custom Color Kit.  The strand tests of our Custom Color Kits are a 50/50 ratio, using the alternating method.

Need help picking a color?! Definitely send an email to our Client Services Unicorns at with a picture of your current hair.


Step two: Grab ALL the tools!

* Towel
* Tangle teezer or comb
* Alligator Clips
* Gloves
* Color Brush
* Bowl
* Shirt you don’t mind staining – WHITE SHIRT FOR THE WIN!


Step three: Get yourself ready! 

      Put on your “I’m-coloring-my-hair shirt” and using the alligator clips to section your hair in as many areas as you’d like.  Bella sections as she goes, but she does work it in area by area—which is much more effective than just smooshing the conditioner all around. 


      Step four: Get your conditioner ready!

      Put some in a bowl, and get your color brush ready.  If you’re using more than one oVertone conditioner, you can mix them like Bella did; or you can apply one color at a time, rinsing in between.  If you need help figuring out a ratio, definitely email our Client Services Unicorns at with an inspo pic.


      Step five: Apply!

      Using your color brush grab a large scoop of conditioner and start at the roots.  Work your way down the section, grabbing more conditioner as you go.  Once you've reached the ends of the piece, start on another section, repeating the same process--starting at the roots.  Then carefully smooth along your hair line using the color brush for an even coat, making sure to wipe up anything that gets on your skin.  Let it sit for up to 20 mins.  If your hair is particularly stubborn when it comes to color, you might want to hit it with a blow dry for the last few mins.


      Step six: Rinse, and check for any patchy spots!

      If you find any spots that could use another dose of color, repeat steps two through six.

      If you’re happy with the results on the first go around, move on to step seven.


      Step seven: Style your hair and do a HAPPY DANCE! 

      You’re a mermaid-unicorn-alien, after all.



      Don’t forget! Our Client Services Unicorns are here to help you troubleshoot any issues you might run into on your journey to fantasy colored hair.