DIY Colorful Bobby Pins

Here at oVertone we crave all things colorful! Why use average hair accessories when you have such incredible fantasy color? 

It's simple to make your hair pins as fun and bold as your hair. You probably even have everything you need. Gather up your supplies and get creative!

You will Need

Bobby Pins
Cotton Swabs
Wax Paper
Scrap piece of paper
Nail Polish
Small Container


Step 1

Fold a piece of paper or two in half to make a sturdy base and sandwich it inside of a piece of folded wax paper. The wax will keep the bobby pin from sticking to the paper. Slide the pins onto the wax paper leaving some room in between. (an inch or so is fine)

Step 2

Grab your nail polish! For best results, heavily load the brush with paint so it is almost dripping. Dab the paint on the pin starting at one end moving your way up, then lightly smooth it out. Repeat this step if necessary to make a nice evenly saturated coating, but definitely give a little time in between layers to let it set. Make it sparkle with glitter nail polish or go bold by mixing or layering a different color!

Step 3

While you are waiting for the pins to dry you can glam up your container too! You can use nail polish, just as we did, to coat the lid of an empty mint box or some other small container.

For best results, give your bobby pins and container at least an hour to fully dry. You can use a hair dryer on low heat to speed the process. Test the edge of a pin by pressing lightly to determine firmness. Once the polish has hardened you are ready to go!



Wear your pins in different patterns and styles to show off your bold and beautiful style.


Wanna see how this was done? Watch our video below!


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