Hair Science: Why Apply Dry?

As a newbie to fantasy hair color, I wanted to do my homework and make sure I knew how to get the brightest, boldest locks possible. I went to the older, wiser, and more oft-colored unicorns at oVertone HQ for some advice, and they told me that applying my oVertone to dry hair could seriously supercharge my color.

And guess what?

It totally worked. But why ?

It turns out, a lot of the magic behind dry application has to do with your hair’s porosity.  If you don’t know, each strand of hair is covered by a cuticle – a protective layer of clear, overlapping scales.


Coincidence? We think not.

The more raised and open the cuticle, the more porous the hair – and when hair is more porous, it absorbs moisture more easily. Some mermaids (especially ones with natural, curly hair) have hair that’s naturally highly porous, but chemical processes and heat can raise the hair cuticle and increase porosity as well. That’s why we recommend hot showers when you’re using oVertone: not only do they feel way better than cold showers, but the hot water can help open the hair cuticle more and help that sweet, sweet fantasy color saturate your strands.

Even though that’s great news for mermaids with low-porosity hair, a hot shower might actually work against the rest of us. Wetting highly porous hair before using oVertone might mean your hair’s soaking up more water than pigment and sending most of the color you want right down the drain. Apply your oVertone to clean, dry hair, and you’ll know for sure that it’s only oVertone getting into your locks.


Go Deep or go home.

Want to test your hair's porosity?

There are a couple super-easy ways to do it:

Drop a couple clean, dry strands of hair into a bowl of room-temperature water and watch them for a few minutes. If your hair stays floating on the surface, it’s not very porous. If it sinks, it is, and the quicker it sinks the more porous it is.

For an even faster test, grab a strand of the hair on your head between your thumb and index finger, and run your finger up the strand from root to tip. If your hair feels smooth, it’s got a low porosity. If it feels coarser, the porosity’s higher.


Coarse af, btw.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Get out there and be the brightest, most colorful mermaid you can be!


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