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It's conditioner, not dye

Our oVertone Conditioners are vegan, color-depositing formulas that are used to keep your fantasy hair color bright or to add fantasy color to your natural colored hair and bleached strands. It's vegan, sulfate-free, curl-friendly and takes just minutes to deposit. All of that makes for the happiest, healthiest hair you'll ever see. And the best part? You can have HOT SHOWERS!

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Why choose overtone?








Curl Friendly

Good For you, good for your wallet

Using oVertone allows you to stretch out the time between salon touch-ups - and most importantly, it keeps your color looking good whether it’s day 1 or day 60 since you’ve seen your hairdresser.


Salon touch ups


*Based on shoulder-length hair, using oVertone Daily Conditioner every day and Deep Treatment once a week. Actual amount used depends on thickness of hair.



"Easy at-home color without much of a commitment and no bleach? I’m in."


"Can you really wash your hair with warm water and prevent it from fading? oVertone makes this a reality."


"This pigmented conditioner is all you need to achieve and maintain your perfect shade."


The color club

Show your true colors and earn points for it too! You'll be saving your hair AND your wallet from major damage, so why wait?

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